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Fixing the foot strike

17 Apr

So, One of the things I began to work on when I switched to minimalist shoes, was my foot strike.  My goal was to move from being a heel striker, to a fore-foot striker as many of the websites I read, assured me that this would reduce injury and they can’t put anything on the internet that isn’t true.

Look at that heel hit the ground!

Look at that heel hit the ground!

Now, if you change HOW you run, you aren’t going to change the amount of force that your body receives – so the reality is that you just change the sorts of injuries that you are risking.  This is a topic that Craig Payne, a podiatrist from the land down under, wrote about on his site “Running Research Junkie“.  His writings are an interesting change from most running sites, as he relies on (gasp!) facts.  (as a side note, I can totally support his “Calf-Strain” on the forefoot running, as I went through several of those as I transitioned!) Continue reading 

#janathon – Day 6 – The “rest” run.

6 Jan

Another gorgeous day here in Crofton, MD.  The temperature was a gorgeous 50 degrees.   Since I have just moved here, I have no idea if this is normal winter weather or not – but I am certainly enjoying it!  Two days outside in a row!

aberdeenloopToday is a “rest” day, so I figured a mile or so would be good.  My shortest look is around 1.5 miles, so I figured I would just go out and run it slowly.


My first mile was done at an 8:29 pace, and the second .6 of a mile was done at 8:36. Continue reading 

#janathon day 4 – Serenity

4 Jan


[suh-ren-i-tee] noun  (From dicitonary.com)

1. the state or quality of being serene, calm, or tranquil; sereneness.

Synonyms   – composure, calm, peacefulness, peace.

Day 4 of Janathon!  As you might recall (or be polite enough to pretend to), I ran a 5k in my Vibram Five Fingers on the first.  Now fore thought apparently is one of my strengths, in the same way that using the kinect is (total sarcasm there, just in case it wasn’t dripping out of your screen.). This is definitely shown through my choice of foot wear that day.   You see, I hadn’t worn them on a run over two miles in 6 or 8 months.

My Five finger Collection!

My Five finger Collection!

Continue reading 

The pig has awoken and put on his Vibram Five Fingers again.

13 Dec

To tired to run.. or move.. gimme some pizza.

Too tired to run.. or move.. gimme some pizza.

So, here we are past the hump day and on the down ward slide to the weekend.  (Yay Weekend!!!!!!!)  I am afraid that I have to admit something.   Despite the best of intentions,  I didn’t get back to running until Weds.  While this may not seem like a big deal – it means that I took FOUR Days off in a row.

I feel like a slovenly pig.

While I know its impossible to add 10 pounds of fat in 4 days (and my scale says it didn’t happen,) I certainly feel like it. I used to like just sitting around doing nothing – but last night while resting right after dinner (I have to wait about 30-60 minutes before I run after a meal), I felt horrible. I knew that I hadn’t r

(And here it comes….) I’ve been exhausted – not sleeping at night, tossing and turning, etc.

I think I have these standing poses down well.

I think I have these standing poses down well.

I don’t use this as an excuse, it’s just… well.. an excuse. Last night I admitted that to myself, grabbed my tablet (yay Battlestar Galactica!) and hopped on the treadmill.  I had previously  decided that my next run was going to be back in my Vibram Five Fingers.  In the interest of avoiding “too much too soon,” this meant I was going to be taking a short run, which was probably a wise move after so many days off.Once my feet started moving… I wanted to go for miles and miles. My right calf was a little tight in the VFFs, but the knee pain was (unsurprisingly yet happily) missing.  I started talking myself into maybe doing 3 miles instead of 2.. After all, 3 isn’t that far – right?   Continue reading 

The streets, without the pitterpatter of little ghouls and goblins.

1 Nov

Ghouls and Goblins.. I don’t think anyone actually dresses up as ghouls or goblins anymore.  I know mine went as a Witch (though half way through she took of her hat and proclaimed herself to be a vampire) and a skeleton.  And I don’t know about pitter patter either.. They halloweeners I saw were certainly having too much fun (aka loud) to hear any pitter pattering!!!!  But no matter how you look at it, there was definitely a good time had by all!

As you can see my little Witch/Vampire and Skeleton had quite the haul….And somehow I am going to eat none of it.  While this way-to-much-candy-in-the-house season continues, I will keep you updated on how much of their candy I have (or have not) eaten! Continue reading 

Visit with the Podiatrist

3 May

So I posted a brief bit on Facebook about what the podiatrist had to say, but I have been crazy-busy so I wasn’t able to get back here until today.

First, I expected one of two (From what I have read online) standard Podiatrist viewpoints toward the Vibram Five Fingers.

1)  These things are horrible. No one should ever wear them (or walk barefoot) as our feet should be in shoes that make them work properly.  They are just begging for injury because they don’t let your foot work like it should.

2) They are ok, and there is nothing wrong with wearing them, but Continue reading 

Weekend in Review – Treadmill, Trail Run and pain on the bottom of the foot.

9 Apr

Friday was a nice day off with the kids (Easter Break started.)  Since I had both of them home, my choice was to wait for my wife to get home (5:00 pm) or run on the treadmill.  Rather than wait, I decided on the treadmill.  I seem to be spending a lot of time on that treadmill lately.  I did a nice easy 6 mile run, and an incredible Chest/Tricep/Shoulder workout.  I started watching “Season of the Witch” on my wife’s tablet while I ran, but it wouldn’t connect to the wireless for the cool down run. I am looking forward to seeing the rest of it, and it certainly  beats staring at the white wall – or watching the numbers on the treadmill go.

Followed it up with a lunch at Panera Bread.  With their ”you pick two” lunches, it’s really easy to get a healthy AND tasty meal!

Derek right before his run!

Saturday I met up with Derek, a coworker of mine that is bound and determined that I am not going to be faster than he is in a 5k.  Personally, I think he doesn’t want to get beat by an “old man.”  We headed up to Chenengo Valley State park to go for a run on some trails. Continue reading 

Race Report – Chenango Forks XV 2012

26 Mar

Chris (runner) and Rebecca (photographer) before the race

Last year, I had planned on doing the Forks 15k, but it was during one of my many pulled muscle incidents… (Oh, and I wasn’t anywhere near capable of running 15k at the time – but I’m not going to mention that part.. Totally going to blame the pulled muscle and pretend I could have done it otherwise.)  The big difference between this year and last year – is I have been very careful to NOT pull a muscle. (I also feel its worth mentioning that I have been training this year as well…)  Now I hadn’t done 9 miles this year, but I had done a couple of 7 and 8 mile runs, so I knew I had this. 

For Reference, the only other 15k I have done is the Utica Boilermaker last year in 1:30:20.

Yesterday was looking to be a bit chilly – 40′s to low 50s, beautiful running weather!  I headed up to Chenango Forks Highschool to register and was faced with my first quandary of the day.

See the orange? No thank you.

Do I need to start with the “early” starters – that get to go 15 minutes early?  I know I am not the speediest runner – but how slow am I?  Well, after seeing the Orange things the early starters had to wear, I decided not too, as orange clashes with my complexion.

All joking aside – I figured I was probably going to be ok with not doing the early start.  There were around 225 people at the starting line when they yelled “Go” (followed by the beeping of countless GPS watches/phones starting.)  Continue reading 

End of last week and week end in review!

20 Mar

So this has been a wonderful weekend (yes, I know it’s now Tuesday.. I’ve been busy!!!)  As I mentioned in my last posting – my brother-in-law was in town up until friday morning.  Ignoring their very existence, I started thursday with a 5 mile run outside in the BEAUTIFUL 55 degree weather.  (Mile 1: 8:19, Mile 2: 8:24, Mile 3: 8:28, Mile 4: 8:46, Mile 5:7:55.) I made up for my solitary run – by bringing both families up to  Tunkhannock Falls in Ithaca, NY.  We had a nice picnic lunch, and then headed up the trail to the falls.

As usual, I had someone stop me and ask me about my Vibram FiveFingers - don’t get these if you don’t like talking to random strangers!  I shared with her the wonder that is the VFFs, and she told me the “upper rim” trail was fantastic to run -about a 4 mile loop.  I thanked her for that information, and it is added on my “to-do” list this

The Family at the lowerfalls - at Tunkhannock Falls

summer for sure!  I really want to get into more trail running. 

The kids (both theirs and ours) were definitely impressed by the falls – and how could you not be?  Even the little ones at the beginning of the trail are gorgeous to watch/listen too.

When my niece/nephew come back in the summer we promised they could play in the water. Continue reading 

Got up again! 3 miles done, running in a winter wonderland!

26 Jan

So, I got myself out of bed this morning – much to the unhappiness of a previously content purring kitty.  After yesterday’s experience I made sure I had everything laid out for nice and easy access in the morning.  It definitely made the process of getting ready easier. It also helped to make up for extra time spent making that kitty so content!

So, got the music going, clothes on, and tossed on the Vibram Five Fingers – opened the door to a sea of white.  It seems we got some snow last night! (I like snow.)  This made me a bit apprehensive – as I have been wondering how my VFFs would hold up in the fluffy white stuff.  Yet – at the same time, it was exciting!  I get to leave TOE FOOT PRINTS!!!! (Sometimes we runners are a simple folk…) Continue reading 

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