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Disaster strikes (no, not that)

14 Dec

Last night, a true disaster occured.  Before I go further into it, let me reassure you – I am not injured so its not THAT sort of disaster.

I was running on my treadmill after deciding that five miles in my Sauconys would be nice, watching Battlestar Galactica on the tablet… And then.. It happened.  I suddenly realized, I didn’t really care what happened.   It seems I have over-done it on the show, and I am sick of it.  I must have felt it coming on as I wasn’t as excited as usual to get running.  Now, I am faced with the disaster of not knowing what to watch while I run.


You see my friend, if I don’t have something engaging to watch – then it goes back to being the “Dread Mill.”  My warmup, five-mile run and cool down will be come the longest hour of my day. IT might even be longer than that last hour, spent tossing and turning in bed just wishing I could sleep.

This is where you, my friends and readers come in.  Please, help suggest shows that I can watch on Netflix/Hulu to stave of the eternal boredom that a treadmill represents! Continue reading 

Product Review: SmartWool Toe Socks

26 Oct

So, After wearing my black toe socks since I got them in May (washing them every night), They finally got a little hole in the heel. (Those Darn Socks!) I figure that I got my money out of them – considering I wore them at least 5 times a week. Yes, one pair – five times a week – washing them every night. I figured at $12.00/pair – I was going to get my moneys worth!

Well, I have not yet attempted to darn these darn socks – but figured I needed another pair. Off to EMS with my wife!!!!!! They had no black Injinji Socks.. Or VFF Trek LS… or Red Bikilas… Wasn’t a good shopping day there. My wife insisted I get at least A pair – even if they didn’t have black, so I went with the greenish-grey smart wool SMARTWOOL brand. I chose this pair because it was the only pair they had in the right size.

Continue reading 

Happy Feet! or “I love my Vibrams!”

7 Jun

Bryce Ran from the green dot, up through Rec. Park and back - The Blue Dot is where we stopped and stretched.

So, Last night’s run was a nice mile run with my son.  I am very proud of him – he can do 1 mile (in 2 legs of .5 miles each with a side stretch in the middle) in 13:42!  We enjoyed ourselves, did a full stretch at his 1/2 mile side-stretch.  It was a nice distance for a warm-up, and great preparation to help avoid more muscle strains!  We then headed back home, and he headed in while I kept going.

I picked up the speed a bit for my solo run and ran another two miles.  It felt sooooooo good.  My feet were happy as could be, and the whole run was a blast.   I ran faster than the previous day, and enjoyed it so much more!  I have a little bit of soreness on my right foot, where the muscles haven’t been

being used for the last 3 weeks.  My physical therapist showed me a way to use the a can that you roll back and forth with your foot to massage the bottom of the foot.  Its an exercise they use to treat planar fascitis, but seems to work well to massage the arch of the foot as well. Its one of the exercises I have been doing in physical therapy to help strengthen my other foot/calf muscles.  You just put the can/ball under the foot like in the picture to the left – and roll it forward and back.  Luckily, its not a very complex exercise, so I can manage it!

 I am going to go back out in my Asics soon – as I don’t thinkit is fair to judge them based on my first run after being off for 3 weeks.

Hills… Equal to more mileage/pain…

5 Mar

Hmm..  So it was beautiful today, and I took advantage of that – to take  nice run.  I went with the Vibram Five fingers – and it was nice..  There is just something very different about running in these.  I could feel it along the bottom of my feet – some tendon/muscle/something – that almost seemed tight.  With some time – it took care of itself (although i can still feel it now).  I decided on a four mile loop in the VFFs, although I suspected I was going to feel it at the end of the run.  One of the nice things about this particular loop – is it has a really nice hill in the middle of it, one that my old cross country coach used to torture us with.  I didn’t stress myself going up the hill – took it nice and easy although it was definitely not “simple” – could feel it as i went..

The problem was when I reached the top of the hill – it hadn’t occurred to me how much more running up hill could stress the calf..  I had run 2.3 miles at that point – which was the limit of what I had been able to do pain-free until then… and it seems it was or should have been the limit today too.. luckily my wife was able to come get me… the problem is these feel so good to run in – it is so easy to over do it.. and unlike sdealing with some minor sore ness the next day – since it is using muscles  differently than they ever have been – the pain is far more immediate..

So, it looks like tomorrow’s run will be in my ASICS..  unfortunately.

Wonder if I can come up with a way to carry my normal shoes.. could run for 1.5-2 miles (gradually increasing it over time) and then swap to my ASICs, and carry my VFFs..


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