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Foot Turning, Shin Splints and changing the stride.

29 Nov

So, ever since my long run in my marathon-training attempt, I have suffered from some shin splint pain on the left shin after a run.  This week has been true to form, with the pain returning as my running has.  Then, I began to look at the picture from the Pete Keyes Turkey Trot that I did on Thanksgiving day, and noticed my foot.  If

Notice the red feet on the right.

you look at the picture to the right, you can see that my toe shoes are clearly NOT pointing straight ahead. 

After I saw this, I decided to google the phrases  ”does running with feet pointed out cause shin splints.”  This brought back many different results.  So, after reading countless pages, some of which did help, others were unrelated in their entirety – I discovered that this was a common thought on contributions toward shin splints.

running with toes pointed outward - was a contributor according to one site, along with “Tight Achilles and calf muscles.” Continue reading 

Perfect Running Weather!!! Whether my Running technology works or not!

9 Nov

This unseasonable weather – is AWESOME!!!!   Normally I am unable to run whenever we get “perfect running weather” – so I am enjoying it even more!  All those days this year where the sun was shining, are being made up for – NOW!  And I love it.  Last night the timing was going to be tight – Our kids had “Family Dodge Ball Night” (Horace Mann does some of the absolute coolest things for their kids,) and it was Voting Day, so I couldnt’ do a nice leisurely long run in the 68 degree (IN NOVEMBER!!!!) temperatures. I decided that the “run for the ride” was the way to go – so I headed out toward my wife’s work. Continue reading 

Stupidity is painful in running (unlike most of life ) to the stupid person.

13 Oct

First comment today – is on my leg.  The calf/shin doesn’t “hurt” anymore. Though It still feels off, definitely not up to running yet. Its hard to describe how it feels (wonky doesn’t explain it does it?), kind of tight, almost sore – but not quite..  Today is my first day of not wearing a Compression Sleeve to see how it feels.

Now the rest of Today’s post is brought to you courtesy of my old friend Michelle, who was kind enough many (many, many) years ago to rent me a room back in my Navy days.  She had responded to my last post with this:

Don’t take this the wrong way, but I’ve been thinking about your situation and wanted to post my 2 cents. Take it or leave it.

I have watched you post about injury after injury which is “normally” a indication of over-training. I’m wondering if there is a way to have someone assess your running posture? Since you have a background in track, is it possible that you are running too forward and too fast (indicative of track running) for longer endurance runs? The shin splints tends to suggest this as well. If this is the case, I would highly suggest taking a look at Jeff Galloways running plans. He uses splits to keep you from really over doing it, but surprisingly speeds up your overall time. I use his training plans all the time. Check out the Disney World Half Marathon plans – that’s the next half marathon for Keith and I. Continue reading 

I got to see my skeleton today.. Did YOU do anything that exciting?

11 Oct

You only get to see the top of the machine , because my phone somehow lost the bottom.

So, today I had a bone scan done – it was a pretty cool experience.  I had to go in at 8:30 am, and they gave me a shot of radioactive material (my son is going to be so jealous.)  They then did the scan and at that point they could look at the blood flow.    They had me lay on the little bench, and then they set up the machine just over my shins/knees and took the scans.  Then they told me to go away for a couple of hours.

The screen on the right is where the pictures appeared

Back to work, then back to the hospital at 11:30.  After the required thirty minutes spent sitting in the waiting room (doesn’t it always seem mandatory to you?) in we went for the actual bone scan.  Now this time, they actually did a full body scan.  It started over my head with it almost touching the tip of my nose.  For the next 25 minutes it worked its way down my body slower than a Caterpillar could crawl.  I could see the monitor (its blank in the picture, I know – bad timing – but they took my phone away for the full scan) as my skeleton slowly appeared on it. Continue reading 

Running for a Ride – a great motivator.

5 Oct

Only 25 days to go! At this point, I should be starting my taper – having done my longest run of 20 miles this last weekend.

Except, that didn’t happen. :( Though now you need to turn that frown upside down – because I am actually in a pretty good spot. The 13.2 I did over the weekend wasn’t to bad – and I think I will be able to do somewhere between 15 and 20 this weekend. I have obviously left the “Hal Higdon” training plan, but (For those whom have just started reading my blog – Joining the other three of you) with the Calf problems I have had that lead to my time-off of running – I am doing fantastic. I am on track to be able to complete the Marathon (with no real time goal.)

Continue reading 

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