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#Junathon – Day 5 and 6 -Stretching, and a return to my normal pace.

6 Jun

So, I am again combining two days into one posting.. I’m such a slacker.  To be fair, I did set the tone with my first posting that was 2 days late and ended up covering 3 days.

Yesterday morning, I was simply too tired to be able to find the motivation to get up and out of bed to run.  This meant a nice evening run was in store – but my wife had to go see the doctor about some knee issues.. That turned yesterday’s workout into stretching and foam rolling!

I really need to do more foam-rolling…  Very nice, but not to interesting to blog about.. .so we will move on to this morning, which involved running!

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3 mile run – In pictures!

15 May

So, yesterday as i posted, I realized I have been really lacking in providing pictures.. So I decided that I owed you all!   Today you get to see my three mile run – through the lens of the camera on my cell phone!  (Well, the last two miles of it at any rate, as it didn’t occur to me to take pictures before then…)

Picture on the left, what Runtastic shows.  On the Right - what it SHOULD show.

Picture on the left, what Runtastic shows. On the Right – what it SHOULD show.

I started out on my new route from last week, as seen in the map above.  Well, kind of.  You see I apparently screwed up my program the last time I took the cell phone out to take a picture my runtastic seems to have lost the GPS signal in a bizarre coincidence that seemed to coincide with the last picture I took.  I didn’t let that bother me, as I really enjoyed the run!

Most of my runs have nice sidewalks.  I like these, as I feel that drastically reduce my odds of being run over by a commuter more concerned with getting home, then watching for poor innocent runners along side the road.  There is one road in the route I take, that lacks these wonderful series of concrete slabs.. And it also happens to be a road commonly used by commuters.


The way I came from

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Running on the Cheap

29 Jan

$10.00 at Target for the pullover!

$10.00 at target for the pullover!

I was recently reading through my blog-roll here on wordpress, and read a blog-posting someone had written about how expensive running was.  Unfortunately, I can’t find the posting to link to it from here (if you know of such a blog-posting, please let me know!!)  The reason that I bring it up is that I hate to spend money unnecessarily.  (Well, unnecessarily on clothing and such.  It interferes with spending money on doing cool things with my family.) But I disagree with that, and wanted to share my views on running on the cheap. Continue reading 

Product Review: Runtastic (comparison to Cardiotrainer)

9 Nov

When I realized there had to be an easier way to track my mileage than doing it manually, I looked for apps on the Android Market (this was before it was “Google Play”)  I tried several, and ended up using Cardiotrainer as it did everything I was looking for.  As time passed, they even added a heart rate monitor, which I as a good consumer went out and bought it.

Falling for an age-old weakness- When I saw Runtastic for sale on the Google Play store for .25 for the pro version (there is a free version,) I bought it.  Then I felt I had to try it (I spent a whole quarter on it after all!) Continue reading 

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