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Healthy Eating.. The easy way.

7 Aug

Its interesting, I am really an “all-or-nothing” type of person.   When I run/exercise regularly – I want to eat well, focus on my over-all well-being, get enough rest, etc.   When I get injured (which seems to be  the only thing that really makes me stop exercising), I start eating chocolate cake.. Fast food.. Ice Cream.. etc.

So, I want to change my focus to healthy living over all.  This will help me when I can not run, to continue to focus on great things.

You don't have to deny yourself treats!

You don’t have to deny yourself treats!

One of the BIGGEST aspects of Healthy Living is the food we eat.  I do very well at eating right – IF I pay attention.  So I am returning to my using MyFitnessPal to track my eating habits.  I have found that if I put in my food BEFORE I eat it, that I make much better decisions.  In fact, If I know I am going to be having some sort of “treat” that day – I put that in first thing. Continue reading 


5 Dec

I happen to work next to a Dunkin Donuts.. This has been very convenient (I love coffee), and not nearly as dangerous as I had feared – as long as I bring food with me.  On those days that I have forgotten to bring my greek yogurt, or that I have run out… Its dangerous.

Today is one of those days.  As such, I took a look at their nutrional information before heading over.   I find myself staring at a very definite first world issue, but an issue none the less.  The calorie count.


I think the hardest part of this issue – is that consistency doesn’t exist.  What I mean by that – is it is impossible to guess calories on foods – unless you do use a tool like “Myfitnesspal” or “fatsecret” – in which case you aren’t guessing anymore.  But back to the donut. Continue reading 

Product Review: Runtastic (comparison to Cardiotrainer)

9 Nov

When I realized there had to be an easier way to track my mileage than doing it manually, I looked for apps on the Android Market (this was before it was “Google Play”)  I tried several, and ended up using Cardiotrainer as it did everything I was looking for.  As time passed, they even added a heart rate monitor, which I as a good consumer went out and bought it.

Falling for an age-old weakness- When I saw Runtastic for sale on the Google Play store for .25 for the pro version (there is a free version,) I bought it.  Then I felt I had to try it (I spent a whole quarter on it after all!) Continue reading 

My Heroes.

30 Oct

August 22nd.  Since that date, there has been nothing but silence here on my WordPress Blog.  If you follow along on my Facebook page, you got to hear from me as recently as August 24th.  Granted, if you follow Storme, the Curvy Road Runner on Facebook, then you have seen me post a few times since then to her wall.  (As a quick side note, if you don’t either follow her on Facebook, or her blog - you should she is someone who has really shown the life-changing potential of running, and how to reach for your goals. SHE

Hero #1 – Storme, rocking her medal.

was at the starting line for the Marine Corps Marathon this year, unlike yours truly!)  Storme is an awesome person, and is truly an inspiration! Continue reading 

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