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Running the Hills with Dr. Denton

3 Apr

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Maps are awful flat.. The running route was not!

31 Jul

My trusty water bottle, you can see on the back side where the fabric was that I could keep under my hand - while the strap was on top of it. It bounced a bit more than I may have wanted, but did work.

A nice short run of ten miles was in the cards for yesterday so I used mapmyrun.com and figured out a route that was 10 miles that would end at my parent’s house. ( Yes, even in my mid thirties I am mooching off my parents, although for this day it was simply some water and a ride home!)  I filled up my water bottle and headed out the door.  The last time I ran with my water bottle, the water quite warm shortly into the run.  I thought cool water might be nice while running, so this time around I decided to toss some ice-cubes (Brilliant aren’t I?)  Shortly after starting – I had  another brilliant realization – holding a bottle of ice water in your bare hand makes for a cold hand! (Man, I could so be a rocket scientist with cognitive abilities like these!)  I thought of  ”I Run Like a Girl’s” recent frost-bite experience, so I switched how I was holding the bottle.  I changed it so that the fabric of the bottle was between my hand and the bottle – It wasn’t terribly comfortable, but it did avoid frost bite in July.

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Climbing Hills Raises the Level of Fun!!!!

18 Mar

Ok.. So most people don’t really view hill running that way,  but “back in the day” when I ran Cross Country, I used to love hill running.  In a race, it was a fantastic time to pass people.  I would come up from behind, seeing another runner bent forward, slowing down, gasping and wishing that they were anywhere on the course – but a hill.  As I approached, I would stand a little straighter and speed up as I hit the hill.  As I would pass them, you could hear comments, gasps of surprise and depression – basically you would mentally beat them by blowing them away on the hill – or even worse, bursting over the top.  (Thanks Mr. Hyland for teaching that!) It could be better than passing the person in the last 10 feet of the race!

Most people, especially if left to train on their own, have a tendency to avoid hills as much as they avoid speed work.  They are far more work, less fun and wear you out in no time.  But these things are the very reasons to DO hill workouts.  Something to think about – many races have hills, and if you don’t train on them, how can you run a race on them?  Especially if it is a half marathon or full marathon?  Not to mention the obvious benefits to strengthening calves and quads! (one good hill workout lets you know you are indeed doing THAT!)

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