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Product Review: Runtastic (comparison to Cardiotrainer)

9 Nov

When I realized there had to be an easier way to track my mileage than doing it manually, I looked for apps on the Android Market (this was before it was “Google Play”)  I tried several, and ended up using Cardiotrainer as it did everything I was looking for.  As time passed, they even added a heart rate monitor, which I as a good consumer went out and bought it.

Falling for an age-old weakness- When I saw Runtastic for sale on the Google Play store for .25 for the pro version (there is a free version,) I bought it.  Then I felt I had to try it (I spent a whole quarter on it after all!) Continue reading 

Eight! I did it, and other useless information about the number!

7 Feb

One of the goals I have been thinking about – is the “8 minute mile” for longer runs.  I remember in highschool running our 5 mile course (from Seton Catholic Central down to the traffic circle and back) and doing it in under 40 minutes – much closer to 30.  I was thinking how nice it would be to be able to do that IN 40 minutes (well, under would be nice too – but need to set goals to reach goals.).  This is just something that has been rolling around in my mind when I look at my times overall. I see that I do a run in 8:45, and think “8 minute miles would be nice…”  But I know I have some improvement to get there..  But I am getting ahead of myself..

Evolution of the Number 8 -- This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

Yesterday, my legs – and specifically my calves – were quite tired from my 7 mile run.  I headed out last night thinking of doing a 3 mile run, nice and slow. I thought that might be a good move for my legs – let them rest up since all I am doing lately is abusing them (3 days of running, 4 days off do NOT a runner’s legs make..)  Into the balmy 54 degree weather I went (Shorts and long sleeve T-shirt in February!!! I love this winter) and felt AWESOME!!!! Even my sore/tired calves were crying “MORE! MORE!!!”  So before I had hit the 1/2 mile marker, I had decided 5 miles was my distance of the day.

(Slight segue here – I got a new phone over the weekend and have not reset my Cardiotrainer settings from default.  This means I get my time reminders right now.  Back to your regularly scheduled blog posting now..)

The feet were flying and it all felt GREAT!!!  I was concerned that I was starting to fast, but since I wasn’t worried about it I had no issues slowing down to a crawl-like jog if it was needed.. I have no one to impress right?  I was moving at a good clip as my wife headed home for work – so she got a BIG hearty wave as she went by!  (its silly, but I like seeing people I know as I run.. the waving brings a variety into the trip) At the 2.5 mile marker, my Cardiotrainer popped out with “19 minutes 40 seconds.” – I was thinking how cool it was that at least the first half was at an 8 minute mile pace.  I kept going, and noticed that my calves were REALLY tired – so I was simply pleased at my time for the first half of the run while not being concerned at all about the second half. Continue reading 

I run.. Because I want to run.

12 Jan

Headed out last night after work. I realized it had been a while since I ran without headphones at all (plus my bluetooth headphones weren’t charged,) so I decided a nice run listening to the world around me was in order!

As I wasn’t paying attention, I was waaaaay overdressed.  I thought it was in the thirties, not the forties out.  Luckily an unzipped jacket lets a lot of heat out, but I still stunk to high-heaven when I was done.  Strangely my wife didnt’ want to hug me when I got home… But I am getting ahead of myself.

Today's run - are the sort that make this true!

I decided a nice 5-miler was an order, at no specific pace what so ever.  My standard five mile route takes me along my wife’s path for her drive home.   I won’t lie, I have used that to my advantage and hopped a ride at some points. Last night was the sort of run that if she HAD come along I would have just waved hello and kept going. It all felt that good, and I enjoyed every step.  About a mile and a half into it, I ran by a runner going the same way I was. Then I ran by them again about 1/2 mile from my house on the way home.  He was friendly both times! Runners are some of the coolest people, lets be honest here.  I have had bikers swear at me, I have had motorcyclists swear at me.. I have had drivers swear at me.. I’ve had runners say “Hi!”

Dailymile had the route at 4.95, Cardio Trainer had it at 4.76 miles.  Either way, I did it in 43 minutes even.
Cardiotrainer’s mileage breakdown:

Mile 1: 9:02
Mile 2: 9:16
Mile 3: 8:55
Mile 4: 9:18.

Not exactly on pace for my dream 3:30 marathon, but still – quite pleased as I enjoyed it!  I couldn’t find where my stick was – so I am sore today.  Man I love that thing.

Perfect Running Weather!!! Whether my Running technology works or not!

9 Nov

This unseasonable weather – is AWESOME!!!!   Normally I am unable to run whenever we get “perfect running weather” – so I am enjoying it even more!  All those days this year where the sun was shining, are being made up for – NOW!  And I love it.  Last night the timing was going to be tight – Our kids had “Family Dodge Ball Night” (Horace Mann does some of the absolute coolest things for their kids,) and it was Voting Day, so I couldnt’ do a nice leisurely long run in the 68 degree (IN NOVEMBER!!!!) temperatures. I decided that the “run for the ride” was the way to go – so I headed out toward my wife’s work. Continue reading 

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