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Spinning the wheels on the ‘ole antique.

23 May

The logical follow-up post to yesterday’s blog is…. I went for a ride last night!

i felt all zoomy - like this.

I felt all zoomy – like this.

The first thing I noticed… Is my seat is very, very hard.  I think  my butt may be bruised today.  Now fortunately, the part of your but you sit on a bicycle seat with, is different from the part you sit in an office chair with, but still.. I need to figure out a remedy to THAT problem.

The second thing I noticed, is that cars are a lot closer to you..  When I run, I am safely up on a sidewalk ignoring the existence of cars.  Well, ignoring the existence except for the occasional Dodge Viper that goes by…  When bike riding, they are much, much closer.    Yet I did find that after the first mile or 3, I didn’t notice them.  Now I do have to add that when I would come upon parked cars, I would look over my shoulder to see what was coming – but I do that running as well.  Continue reading 

Fixing the Antique.

22 May

I’m sure you have been wondering all day… What did the Once and Future Runner do yesterday, since he (probably) still can’t run, and is incompetent when it comes to basic bike repair?  Did he do another long boring walk?

Well, Wonder no more!  I am here to answer ALL your Once and Future Runner questions.. Yesterday, on the way home from work I decided I would stop and get a new tire tube for my bike.. After all, Max pointed out that a flat tire doesn’t mean you need a new bike and I suspect my wife would have agreed with her so it seemed the logical thing to do.  I had gone to one LBS  (that means local bike shop according to Max.  She is my new unpaid consultant on all things bike related) a while back, and wasn’t all that impressed.  They were condescending, and difficult to get any real help.  Plus they seemed far more interested in up-selling, rather than helping us out.

Well, yesterday I headed out to a different one to see if that was the norm, or if they were more friendly.

Local LBS

Local LBS

I went into the Bike Doctor, and almost immediately was welcomed by one of their employees.  Continue reading 

Walking takes a long time…

21 May

So, last night I pulled out my bicycle.  I knew that running was a bad idea – the feeling of a nail being driven into my heel made it a bit of a no-brainer..  But I wasn’t going to let myself slack off simply because of that! (We all know how easily that can become weeks or months of slacking off!)  So I pumped up the tires (they were labeled to go to 90 pounds of pressure), and decided I needed to wear something other than dress pants/dress shirt.  After all I was EXERCISING not commuting!


Trying my best to be visible, I went with a yellow shirt, and bright orange shoes. (I have this thing about not dying.)   Continue reading 

A new era in training… Using rather old technology..

26 Aug

So, with my penchance for injuring my calves – leading to down times of running of several weeks – I have decided I need a bicycle.  So doing the wise thing I posted on Facebook and Craigslist that I was looking for a bike!  Surprisingly I got some great offers of people being willing to lend me a bike.. As long as I traveled to Australia or halfway across the country to pick them up.  It seems my friends are comedians…

I found one I was interested in on Craigslist – but the person hasn’t responded after I have pestered them for several days via phone and email.  As It kind of reminded me of trying to find a date in highschool – I knew to move on.  On a good note, one of my friends let me know he had found a bicycle in his garage when he moved, and if I wanted it he would happily let me have it.

My New (to me) Ralegh Capri bicycle from the 80's!

Talk about old-school!  I am very excited – it’s the sort of bike I wanted as a kid (yes, that was in pre-mountain bike days.. 10/12 speeds were “all that” back in the day..)

Now the bad news.. Tires? Dry rotted.  Cables? Not all are hooked up to where they are supposed to be.  Brakes? Need to “Shoes”  Chain? TBD.

Continue reading 

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