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18 Miles…. BOOM!

23 Sep

So, my long run for the week was 18 miles – longer than I have ever run before!

I have to admit, I was a wee bit nervous about it. I logically knew (or at least was pretty sure) that I could do it, but 18 miles… 3 hours of running… Wow, that’s a long time!   But it was on the schedule (and after all, 26.2 is even longer…) so I headed out at 10 am on Sunday.

My goal was to maintain a 10 minute per mile pace, so I really concentrated on that with some success.  While I took a different route than my 14 miles (something about needing to do 4 more miles..), the ending 5 or 6 was the same..

822elevation Continue reading 

Parks Half Marathon 2013 – Race Report

9 Sep

So, I decided on Saturday, to sign up for the Parks Half Marathon in Rockville MD.  When was the race? The following day.  At least there was very minimal time to get nervous? I have to say I LOVED the Shirt.  Super bright orange long-sleeve tech fabric.  But I haven’t taken a picture of it yet.  After I do, I will edit it and put it in the blog.

I had done a quick Google on the race before signing up for it, and found wonderful reviews of it – and that it had not closed its sign-ups!   So, early Sunday Morning, I was wide awake at 4 AM, despite my alarm being set for 4:30, for my first half-marathon.  I had gotten my outfit together the night before (it is actually color-coordinated so I get to call it an “outfit”), and set both my Camelback, and my ifitness hydration belt up, as I couldn’t’ decide which one to wear.  I drank my morning cup of coffee (nothing happens without coffee), ate a half of a breakfast sandwich, and left around 5, in order to arrive at 6. Continue reading 

I Just realized I have been neglecting my speedwork!

5 Sep

comfort-zone-cartoonLast night was a procrastinating night.  I knew my rest-days were over, and I had a 3 mile run on the books.  That’s it, only a 3 miler.  Well I kept finding reasons to put it off.  I spent some time with my wife, then went and played Halo with my kids (and got killed over and over by my 11-year-old.  He is much better than I am at it.)  Well, eventually you realize that you are procrastinating and have to decide are you going to do it? or not?   Well, I’m a runner in training for the Marine Corps Marathon – so what kind of question is that? Of course I am going to do it!

I had however, put it off until it was dark out.  If I went running outside with the head-lamp, my wife would worry and get out of bed (she wasn’t feeling well so she went to bed early.)   This meant I was on the treadmill again.   As I wandered downstairs, it occurred to me that I hadn’t done much speed-work lately.  This is a problem, how can I run faster – if I don’t run faster?  Time to push that comfort-zone again!   THAT had to change NOW!   I had the perfect solution to that!

Some of you may remember my posting on The Curvy Roadrunner’s Treadmill Workout from Hell that I posted back in February.  If not, I conveniently linked to it so you can read that article and help me get my numbers of posts read artificially inflated if you were interested in her original version of it. (Which, btw – if you don’t follow the Curvy Roadrunner, you totally should!  While she is posting more on Facebook than her blog these days, she is an incredible inspiration!)   Now last night I wasn’t clearly remembering how the C.R.T.W.H. went decided to do it a little differently than how I had in the past.  I still started at 6 mph, and went up to 9 mph, but instead of repeating that – I cycled back down.  So it looked like this: Continue reading 

A Runner’s High and Elevation are two VERY different thing!

2 Sep

So this weekend, like all of my recent weekends (and upcoming until Oct. 27th)  is my long run.  My habit is to do my long runs on Sunday.  I had a heck of a time mapping out a route, as the side-walks are plentiful, for runs of 5-6 miles or less.  Unless I wanted to do several laps (I hate laps), I was going to have to expand my routes past the comfort zone of sidewalks.

I used my Dailymile to map out a route of approximately 14 miles (it was 14.45), although I took a slightly different beginning, as I decided to START with side walks, even if I wasn’t going to have them most of the way – it let me work out the “Beginning-run” kinks (and plantar fascia pain) without dodging cars!  I was trying this run with no KT-tape, for two reasons.

1) I couldn’t remember where I left it.
2) I didn’t want to put tape over my open wound (and I was kind of holding a grudge against the tape, despite it’s wonderfulness)

As soon as I turned off the first road that was one of my standards, I noticed something.  It went up.  Now, I know that Sir Isaac Newton is quoted as say “What goes up, must come down.”  But I have never held that as a truth in running.  In my experience, I have found that the running-version of Sir Isaac Newton’s quote should read:

“What runs down, must run up.”

This means, that while I didn’t think anything of running THAT up hill, it certainly did not reassure me that there must be a downhill.  Johns Hopkins road, had some houses at first, then moved into being quite pretty, if I do say so myself!!

John Hopkins Rd, Crofton MD

John Hopkins Rd, Crofton MD

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Running at Midnight.

30 Aug

Ok, So I exaggerate a little.. I was actually done before midnight.

Here is a picture of a puppy.  For no reason at all.

Here is a picture of a puppy. For no reason at all.

Having been up late (hey! 11 is really late for me! I’m old!) the night before, there was no chance of getting up in the morning to work out.  I had every intent of working out right after work, but I had forgotten it was my son’s night for his school open house. With It being middle school, this meant we got to follow his schedule and go from 15 minute class to 15 minute class as the teachers gave us their syllabus and told us all about how great our kids were.  Over all I was impressed with all of his teachers but one.  We showed up to her class, and she started a conversation with one mother for 5 (remember there is only 15 available) minutes.. Then expected us to stay past the time to move to the next class, so she could finish her speech.  It bothers me when people expect respect, but don’t respect you..  But that is a whole other story.

My wife had promised the kids frozen yogurt after, so a cold treat it was!  Needless to say it was after 9:30 when we got home.   Since I had skipped out on my run the night before, it was NOT an option last night.  I didn’t relish the idea of running through the streets of my town at 10pm.  I don’t know that it would be unsafe – but it seems silly to take that chance.  My kids deserve to grow up with a father after all! (Did you notice the subtle pull at your heartstrings there?) Continue reading 

Running for cake

8 Aug

BIRTHDAYS!!!!!!  Always a fun, fun time… Joy, Presents, Cake and… Calories!

So, with that in mind, I planned ahead (how uncharacteristic of me!)  and got a run in before dinner.  Not far, as there was a time constraint – but a quick 3 miles.  My KT Tape was in to its 4th day, and I do think it has lost some of its effectiveness,  Perhaps it stretched out?  But my plantar fascia is tight today, but not painful, so it seems to still be working.. Or the intense stretching is..

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A couple of runs, and a boy returns!

5 Aug

Another beautiful week begins!!!   I can’t speak for everyone out on the interwebs, but for me – it was a great weekend.

4 Miles on Saturday, 3 miles on sunday and my son got back from Bermuda!


I went with a simple out and back course, so I didn’t have to worry about dodging cars on roads with no side walks.  (My four mile loop has a mile with no sidewalks and very little shoulder!)


I saw plenty of runners.. Continue reading 

Never sore where you think

25 Jul

Me resting after using the bowflex.... (ok...ok.. the image MIGHT be from )

Me resting after using the bowflex…. (ok…ok.. the image MIGHT be from )

Last night I hit my bowflex for a nice workout. My thought is that by swapping days of running and lifting, I give my Plantar Fasciitis a chance to heal (in theory), while working on the upper body/core that I have spent years ignoring. It seems like a good way to develop a balance that I have been sorely lacking.

Now, the thing that surprises me with the bowflex, is that I am usually sore in different places than I expect. With out giving you all the details of last night’s workout (imagine how exciting THAT would be… I pushed.. relaxed.. pushed.. relaxed..,) I was sure that today – I was going to be facing some seriously sore triceps. SURPRISE!!!! The Arms are fine, and your back is letting you know it was a great workout!

I’m certainly not complaining, as I know it was a good workout either way. Continue reading 

Running and Rolling

24 Jul

So, my last couple of posts have glossed over any training – while focusing on my fundraiser/giveaway.  Rest assured, I have still been working on my training!

Last night, I went out for an easy 3ish miles (I accidentally gypped myself .14 of a mile.. so it is 3ISH not 3…).  I demonstrated the previous taping technique I was using, with great results.  I have tried a new one, as that taping method is not water-resistant.  KT Tape (You may recall that I used this back when I made a habit of pulling calf muscles) had helped me in the past, I thought it was worth trying now! (Plus, in the interest of full disclosure, my wife went and bought a roll for her knee pain..)


Screenshot from Click to go to their page to see the video!

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#Juneathon Day Something or Another – The Treadmill and Bowflex

13 Jun

So I had this thought.  Now it was partially born out of the fact that I didn’t have clean running shorts, and my manpri pajama pants were awful comfy, but it was still a thought.

If impact levels make a difference to Plantar fasciitis (to be fair, I couldn’t remember if they did or not), and a treadmill has more give than the sidewalk…. Would running on a treadmill hurt less?  See how well I rationalized not going outside?  So with this thought, I went downstairs to the dreadmill.  I set the speed at 7.6, figuring if I was going to torture myself with two miles on the dreadmill, I should at least do it at a sub-8 minute mile.  Then because I felt guilty being on a treadmill, I set the incline to 2.5. Continue reading 

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