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So I got one of the “Stiff” sticks for Christmas from my darling wife and have mentioned it in many posts – yet I have never done a “formal” product review.  In case you are not a daily reader of my Blog  and found this site through googling “the stick product review,”  let me start out by saying – I LOVE THE STICK!!!  It is one of the greatest inventions in my humble opinion. (By the way, if you are not a daily reader of my blog, this is easy to remedy, just click the “Sign me up! button over there —>  )

I was first introduced to it at the Marine Corps Marathon Expo.  My family and I were walking around like tourists in NY city for the first time, when we went by the booth for “the stick.”  The clever salesman asked me if I had any muscle issues – which those who have read my blog know my trouble spots are my calves. – and had me sit down.  He started on my hamstring, as the muscle groups AROUND the trouble spot all contribute – since muscles work together.  He then hit my calves.

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It. Was. Heaven.

The only way I can describe it, is that it was like a personal masseuse had appeared out of nowhere and decided to massage my tight, sore, and all-too-often-pulled calf muscles.  The video below shows how to use this wonderful item.  I have one that is longer and stiffer than the one in the video (no sexual innuendo intended,) as I ordered the one used on me at the expo.  He demonstrates wonderfully how to use it on your calf muscles – but doesn’t show the hamstrings.  Luckily it is pretty much the same thing – just higher up your leg!

One would think that I would go out and order it immediately when I got home – but I didn’t. Instead I went with the “Drop lots of hints to the wife that it would be a perfect Christmas gift” method.  It worked – as she did order one for me!

I have I mentioned I have the greatest wife ever?

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So with this wonderful item – I have gone on long runs that I wasn’t terribly prepared for – and wasn’t crippled as I used the stick after running.  The following day when I expected to not be able to move, I was fine!  For example, I ran a 15k race at a pace (Well for the first 7 miles)  I had no business running at, when I hadn’t run further than 7 miles int he previous month. I used it judiciously on all parts of my legs when i got home – and was able to run a comfortable slow 5 mile run the next day.

When I attended the Injury Free Running Clinic put on by Mathew Nark of Plaza Fitness – he stressed the importance of soft tissue preparation and activation.  The stick is wonderful for this when used before a run, or even every morning – as often as you would use your tooth-brush!  The Foam roller works for a general preparation, while The Stick – helps you get really into those trouble spots, or work different angles that are harder to get while laying down and rolling around on the ground.

In short – I think this is a “must have” for any distance runner.    Hmm.  Wonder if they will sponsor a giveaway..

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I am the father of two of the greatest kids ever, and am fortunate enough to have a truely wonderful wife that despite being a non-runner, puts up with my running escapades (and injuries!) I decided last year that writing a blog would be alot of fun.. so I started this blog - without knowing what exactly I was going to write about. I wrote a great and interesting first post, and then time passed... I started running again and wrote another post or two... Found that runner inside me had never left, but just waited for me to find it again! In the fall of 2010 I I began running... And then got injured and had to stop for physical therapy. This was followed by surgery. Two months later I was finally able to begin running again - with the goal of running the Marine Corps Marathon on October 30th! Unfortunately my repetitive attempts at doing to much to soon, kept that from happening. I am no focused on running injury free - and seeing what I can accomplish. This blog is going to give me a place to write about my experiences as well as what I learn as I go!
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  1. i love my Stick! ive got the one with the blue handles and it is just great! :)

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