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Finding that edge between pain and progress

After running 5 miles on Tuesday, which is a “long” run for me at the moment, I figured I would do something a little bit shorter yesterday.  I tossed on my Vibram Five Fingers (after all, it was just going … Continue reading

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I think every sport, perhaps every activity, has it’s milestones that we strive to reach.  When we pass these there is a sense of accomplishment, and a setting of that new goal to reach.  In baseball, it might be a certain … Continue reading

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Workouts and varieties of exercise.

So, I have (obviously) been running in an effort to increase my abilities, stamina and speed.  But, like most people I am an instant (or quick) gratification sort of person.  I would like to grow stronger, lose weight and run … Continue reading

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Lack of pain is very…. pleasant!

So, I have mentioned my on-going calf-pain here in the past.  Well, I don’t know how or why, but it seems to have settled greatly.  I got on my Dread-mill this morning and did 1/2 of a mile barefoot, and … Continue reading

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KT Tape and Taking it easy…

So my free samples of the KT Tape and the Rock Tape did arrive last week, I apologize for slacking and not mentioning it sooner.  The Rock Tape company sent me two excellent little sample packs. Bright red tape with … Continue reading

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Domino Effect.

When one domino falls, the next one will go with it… and the next one.. and the next one… For many people the “Domino Effect” is very real and noticeable effect.  I know if I have a bad day, I rush … Continue reading

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Climbing Hills Raises the Level of Fun!!!!

Ok.. So most people don’t really view hill running that way,  but “back in the day” when I ran Cross Country, I used to love hill running.  In a race, it was a fantastic time to pass people.  I would … Continue reading

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Pain, a good teacher…If you can figure out the subject!

I wrote a while back about Dr. Lieberman’s research on running styles.  That knowledge brought me to researching barefoot running and VFFs, which in turn lead me to major calf pain.  It seems I am just like every other runner … Continue reading

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Non-Once, but potentially future runners..

I had an interesting conversation with someone last night.  They were telling me that they WANTED to be a runner (had even said as much to their husband), but couldn’t see it ever happening.  When I asked why, they were … Continue reading

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Pain and Recovery

Anytime you start a new workout routine (or just happen to have a really intense workout), you are going to experience some muscle pain the next day.  Now this can be “Satisfying” in the “you know you must have worked … Continue reading

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