Places to Run in the Baltimore Area

Great list of places to run locally! Some I have run, some I WILL run!

Places to Run in the Baltimore Area.

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#Janathon Day 20 – Early Morning Recovery run

stridersSo here I am, at 6 am, writing my blog AFTER running.  Yes, I was up at 4:30 and out the door to meet up with another runner at 5 am.  You know, 17 years ago when I got out of the Navy, I promised myself I wasn’t going to get up at times that sounded like “four” any more..   I suppose 17 years was a good run. ;)

wpid-wp-1421751742901.pngI have written on here before, as well as on the OAFR Facebook page, that I really needed to get to know the local running group. (OK, I admit it – I said the same thing about the group up in NY and never did that either.)  Well this morning was my first step toward changing that.  Someone else laid the ground work for me.  I have been a Facebook-stalker of the local running groups, watching the Annapolis Striders page, as well as the “Naptown Running Buddies” – but I admit to being a wee bit intimidated about joining the group. (Plus in the pictures, they all look like runners.. They don’t have that “bit extra” that I am carrying around..)  Apparently, a woman just moved to Crofton, and posted looking to find out more about runners in the area – and with that, I found out about a group that meets in the early mornings in Crofton to go running (well, they do so in warm weather.)  To make a long story short – I met up with one of the other runners (who apparently also blogs, I will have to find out her blog name and let you all know!) and did the “Crofton Loop.”

wpid-wp-1421751705235.pngWe did it at a nice 10:30ish pace, which worked really well as a recovery run for me.  My knees appreciated the slower pace – as they were feeling a bit used and abused from yesterday’s six miles.

So, now that I have met ONE strider, maybe I’ll make it to some of the other strider events, step out of my shell and step up and meet new people.

Huh.. Run, Blogged… and the sun isn’t up yet.  Seems unnatural.

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#Janathon Day 19 – The Long Run, while remembering Martin Luther King Jr.

There is always something wonderful about holidays.  Especially holidays that are not large family gatherings.  Here in the states, today is a celebration of the life of Martin Luther King Jr.

I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

His dream has not yet been reached, but we are closer than we were in his life time.  He dreamed that his children would be alive when that day was reached.  I share his dream.

Out on the road, I think we are all equal.  Some may be faster, some slower – but we are all out there together, competing against our selves.  I don’t believe there are to many other sports that this could truly be said about.  Read more ›

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So, I eat a lot of apples.  Not simply because an “apple a day keeps the doctor away,” but because they are a portable yet healthy snack.  In fact, my entire family eats a lot of apples – we spend 30 bucks a week on them.  Consequently, whenever we see a type of apple we haven’t had – we try it!  I’m finding that something we had learned about wine – seems to apply to apples as well.   We found that wine that comes in really cool bottles has a tendency to have a taste that is…. shall we say, less cool.

reddeliciousRed Delicious?  Bland… Though apparently, when the breed was first being sold back in the 1880’s, this was not the case.  Nor were they red!  Through the years, they were bred to become redder (as people like to buy bright red apples), and to have thicker skins for longer storage. Read more ›

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#Janathon Day 17 – Weekends = Daylight Runs… right?

weekendAahhhh… The weekend. So many great things can be said about the weekend. Did you know, that in America – the first 2 day weekend from work that we have documented was in 1908 in a New England Cotton Mill? I found this out on wikipedia, which is on the internet so it MUST be true.

Wikipedia goes on to say  – “In 1926 Henry Ford began shutting down his automotive factories for all of Saturday and Sunday. In 1929 the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America Union was the first union to demand a five-day workweek and receive it. After that, the rest of the United States slowly followed, but it was not until 1940, when a provision of the 1938 Fair Labor Standards Act mandating a maximum 40 hour workweek went into effect, that the two-day weekend was adopted nationwide”

There is your history lesson for the weekend :) Read more ›

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#Janathon day 16 – Picking up speed.

So last night I had to hit the store for the dinner “fixins”, do I could make dinner when I got home.  I knew there was a run in my to do list, so I wanted some thing quick.  I had found recipes for Paleo Burgers and for Sweet Potato fries, both seemed fairly speedy.  Turns out the fries take forty minutes to cook, but it was totally worth the wait!


Read more ›

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#Janathon Day 15, Whole30 dinner day 14 – Going the distance on my hands.

HandwalkingSo, last night I headed out into the 30 degrees (F) for a run (No Jeremy, I wasn’t in shorts.)  I decided to be different and do the run on my hands, to help build upper body…

Then I remembered that I can’t stand on my hands, and that running on them was right out.  That lead me to lean toward running on my feet instead.   This was probably a great choice on my part for so many reasons – most of which you have already thought of, so I won’t go into it!

Ok, so all humor aside, yesterday ran later than normal, just the day-to-day.  The entire reason – was I hadn’t gotten the items needed for my Whole30 meal, and had to stop at the store on the way home.  Granted the Bacon/Roast Beef/Lettuce Club Wraps – were AMAZING!!!!  (Whole Foods carries Bacon with no sugar or preservatives – Whole30 compliant!!!)  I was well fueled (aka, ate too much) for my run – with the wraps, as well as the addition of fresh pineapple.  So I was all set!
Read more ›

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Whole30 – Day 14, and a recap of 11 – 13 – All of them Really good eating!

So, I’ve found I can’t necessarily stay on top of Janathon posts AND Whole30 posts, so my whole 30 updates haven’t been as regular as they should be.  That doesn’t mean they aren’t coming!

Looking at day 13 – Breakfast and Lunch weren’t overly impressive.  But Dinner?  Hold on while I stop patting myself on the back!


See that?  That is an Onion Pot Roast, with a nice Sun-dried tomato topping, a side of roasted asparagus, and cubed Jersey Sweet Potatoes with Nutmeg and Cinnamon.

Ok, now that I’ve strained my back with patting myself on it… Read more ›

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#Janathon Day 14 – Remembering I’m a beginner


My night-time, winter running get-up. Notice, its an “action shot!”

It’s interesting, once my feet start to hit the road, I’m “home.”  The problem with this, is that it’s not home yet.  I have spent 13 months running rarely, and almost exclusively with my 12 year son at his pace – around 11 to 12 minutes per mile.

I have started running six days a week on January 1st, two weeks ago.  While my mind knows I’m a runner, and the muscles know all of the steps, the fact is that endurance and speed do not develop in 14 days.  The fact I was able to do 20 miles last week is really quite remarkable when I stop and think about it.  Yet, the fact I am restarting doesn’t occur to me, until my legs are lethargically objecting sub 9 minutes miles. I know, this will pass and the mileage and speed will come.  In fact, this is the best “starting point” I’ve gotten to work from, in my many years of off again/on again running!  See that silver lining? Read more ›

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Self Image

mirrorWe all have an image in our head of what we look like, and what our body looks like.  It might be what we look like today, it might be what we looked like at another point in time, or it might even be what we want to look like.  Now, for me, my self-image that I picture in my head is a wee bit different from what I look like today.  It’s from a time that I was younger, skinnier and more in shape.  A time without love handles!   Now, it’s not a surprise to me when I look in the mirror and see the grey hair, – not usually at any rate – as I see that every day – but it isn’t my internal image.

I was a fat kid.  It wasn’t that I didn’t exercise – I was out running around with friends constantly, I swam competitively and was generally an active child. It wasn’t until the end of freshman year, and into sophomore year that it changed.  I started running and shot up like a weed!  I went from being that pudgy kid – to being rail thin, and I liked it.   I stayed skinny through high school (As I ran), and through my time in the Navy (although beer added some weight – but not much.)  Read more ›

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Once and Future Runner

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