Sony Smartwatch 3 – initial impressions

sonywatchSo, I have always used my phone for tracking my runs, but recently decided to branch out and see if there were better solutions, that still allowed me to track my runs the way I like (aka – use runkeeper.)

After looking online, I saw that the Galaxy  Gear S,in theory, would do everything I wanted and more! Heck,its even a phone on your wrist!  Then I saw the price tag for verizon.. ($400), ok.. moving on…

The Sony Smartwatch 3 on the other hand has a gps chip in it, and can store up to 4 gb of music.. So it can track my run AND play my music? BONUS!!!!!

I watched ebay, and found one for $110 bucks.. Significantly less than the $400 of a Galaxy Gear S on Verizon.  Reports online were favorable- so I took the plunge!

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Running with 1/2 of Go Believe Conquer, and Tim.

I am a day behind on my blogging, so since it is Saturday, I’m now blogging about Friday.   (Considering how long I went without Blogging, I’m ok with this) I just wanted to make sure you were following along!

So yesterday, I went for a 5 mile run in Crofton with 1/2 of Go Believe Conquer and Tim.  I don’t Know which half Cindy is.. Is she believe?  Or Conquer?  Or if you only get one of the pair, do you just have lots of hope and accomplishment?  I’ll have to ask next week…. I don’t think Tim blogs.. If he does,  I will apologize to him profusely, add his blog-title to his name and erase this line.

But anyway, the 3 of us, all member of a super secret  Crofton running Facebook page (the first rule of the super secret Crofton running page…) all agreed that some pre-dawn silliness was in order… So I was up at some god awful time that is too late to be a bed time, and too early to be a time to get up (4:30 am) to meet up with these two fellow nut-jobs (Cindy is more of a nut job though.. she gets up ridiculously early normally… She considers 3 am an acceptable get-up time.  That’s a bed time.) to get some running in.

It was a chatty run.  I like chatty runs.  You get to learn about the people you run with, and the time goes by faster.  In the case of chatting with other runners, while running, you usually get to learn about runners they have run with too.  Interestingly, we seem to spend more time talking about our friend’s times – rather than our own


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Cruising with the Kids – catchup post.

Several runs under the belt this week.. Not saying I’m back on steady running – but I am making another attempt!  (I have really had issues reaching that level after the Marathon)  After running on the beach on Sunday, My son asked to go out for a run and start our training on Weds.  He wants to make sure he is ready for the Bridge Run in November.  As we headed down our road, a neighbor kid, in fourth grade, asked to join us.  After reassuring us he understood we were going to do 2 miles (and getting parental permission) – we headed out!

Bryce, my son (in case you had forgotten his name), did really well.  He was encouraging Aiden (not my son) and trying to help give him advise on his running style.   I was so proud of him – with his wanting to help like that.

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The Ocean makes me want to run…

I don’t know why, but any time I am at the beach, I have the urge to run.. My wife as gotten used to this, and anytime we go to Assateague Island, I know she just waits for me to pop out with:

This is my favorite view to run too. Except for the finger in the corner..

This is my favorite view to run too. Except for the finger in the corner..

“I think I am going to go for a quick run.” Read more ›

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Recovering and running… Or, my week since the weekend.

415It has now been 4 days since the Cherry Blossom 9.4 miler, and my body is on its way toward recovering!  I was not in any shape to run on Monday, and I respected my body’s wishes.  Tuesday rolled around, with its gorgeous 70 degree weather – and I needed to be out running!  I was also aware that I needed to take it easy, as I had really beat up my muscles with racing w/o training, so a short slow run was my plan.

Apparently my legs didn’t agree… I got out there, and the body wanted to move..  I kept trying to slow down – but the gorgeous weather was telling me to speed up!  (Well except for the breathing part.. that part wasn’t happy!)   I finally decided to give the body what the body wanted, and went as fast as my tired little legs wanted to move.  I’m still not sure that a sub-8 minute average for my 2.5 miles counts as a “recovery” – but I won’t lie. It felt awesome (and tiring)! Read more ›

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Post Cherry Blossom Pain.. And wrap up with the numbers!

proofSo, two days after the beautiful run, and I have to admit – I hurt less than i did RIGHT after the run.  This is the penalty I pay for stopping training after January, and have no one to blame but myself!  I’m able to navigate stairs with no flinching (a change from yesterday), although running isn’t really a great option.. I did run for half a mile warm up at today’s personal training session, and by the end it wasn’t TO bad..  But I was glad we didn’t do legs today!

I didn’t give the numbers in my race recap, I liked the flow of the pretty pictures too much to include boring information!  All in all, the time wasn’t too bad

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Cherry Blossom 10 miler 2015 – Race Review!

wpid-20150412_092418.jpgAnother Cherry Blossom 10 Miler 9.6 Miler has passed, and it was such a beautiful day!!!

I have to admit, that although I have only run this race twice, it is one of my absolute favorite races. Now it may be due to incredible luck, but for both of the years I have run this race, the weather was great and the blossoms were in perfect bloom!  It’s also very convenient to get to, thanks to the wonder that is the DC Metro.  If you ever run ANY race in D.C., I strongly recommend using the metro to get there.  I also recommend getting on from the end of the line, to ensure you get to sit down, as some races (Marine Corps Marathon for example) quickly become a game of packing sardines into a can!

Starting Corrals

Starting Corrals

This year at the metro station, I met a co-worker, Suzanne, and her cohort.  The group of us rode in and figured out logistics together.  Sadly, as we headed toward the corral, I managed to lose them, all because I was trying to be responsible (that’ll teach me..)  I had brought pants/jacket to stay warm before the race, and didn’t want to leave them in the middle of the coral for someone to trip on.  I saw a pile of clothes and added mine to it, rationalizing that whom ever picks up the clothes for donation would find the bigger pile more easily..  Sadly, this meant that in the crowd of thousands – I lost them.  We had set up our post race meeting spot though, so I wasn’t worried about it. (Plus, I was sure we ran at different paces.)

As for those crowds though.. Any race I have run in D.C. (all three of them.. that makes me an expert!) has had over 10,000 runners, which leads to a very cozy start!  This race did not look like it was going to be any different.  (Sidebar: As we were getting ready for the run, they did let us know that the race would NOT be a full 10 miles.  There was a crime scene investigation going on along the course, that caused a re-route and shortening overall.)  The race did indeed start, and after waiting for the elites.. then the reds.. then the blues.. then off we went! (I was scheduled for blue, but wasn’t feeling as fast as I had planned back then.)  As expected, the crowd was crowded.  That kept up for the first couple miles.

You know that grassy area between the sidewalk and the road?  The one with the ruts, wheel tracks from cars that jumped the curb and the like?  That’s where I ran for most of the first two miles. While this was not ideal, it struck me as far better than being inside the pack! The pack started to open up in the second mile, and opened up nicely, well into the third.

Second Mile Marker(ish)

Second Mile Marker(ish)

I actually stopped at the second mile marker and took a picture. If you look at the picture above, on the right sign you can see the back of the “mile 2” sign as a white rectangle!

The other direction at the 2 mile marker(ish)

The other direction at the 2 mile marker(ish)

The crowd over all wasn’t bad once it opened up. There was a lot less weaving-and-dodging than I remember from 2 years ago… Although its possible that the Marine Corps Marathon just made me better at it.

The blossoms were absolutely perfect this year.


I want to say that they were at their height, the trees were full – and barely any had started falling yet!  Notice the green grass, not a blanket of white blossoms?


I have to admit, I was very pleased with how this race went!  I felt my hips tightening up at around mile marker 5, and knew I was going to pay for the lack of training.  I decided at that point, I was NOT going to slow down, and that I was going to keep my pace for the entire race.  (I will admit that at the time, I thought I was lying to myself)   As I ran I kept focusing on the progress, and how “little” there was to go.

“I’m over halfway, so I can do it..”  ?
“Mile 7?  Heck, that’s less than 30% since I am passed it!  I should pick it up!”
“Mile 9?  I’m almost there!! KICK IT IN!!!!!”

The irony of that last one, is I have never, ever, ever, had any form of a kick.. I have NO idea where that one came from..

Yet, it did.. and, kick it in I did… The last mile or so is primarily up hill with a down hill at the very end.  I will admit that on that up hill, with my kick-that-I-don’t-have, I was very happy it was less than 10 miles.  Realistically, I think that the extra .5 mile would not have affected my pace – I was very focused on NOT slowing down.. It simply wasn’t an option.  I’ve never had that level of will power in a run before, it was an experience.  I know understand what is meant when everyone talks about running being more mental than physical.

But I promise you, the pain for the rest of the day – AND – the following day?  That part is purely physical.. It was sooo worth it though.

Not my best picture...

Not my best picture…

marathonfotoI think Marathonfoto did a much better job than my “selfie.”  They must really like me there, as they always seem to get incredibly good shots of me.  Scrolling through this years pictures, they again got several in a row that show my full stride.. only this time with me throwing my arms out and acting like a goof ball!

I will update my ph without the watermarks, once I purchase them!

The run was fantastic.  I will continue to sign up for this one every year, as it reminds me its time to start doing something!  Since it is so well run, and so beautiful – running it without enough training is STILL a pleasure!!!


Did you notice my shirt in the finisher photo?  That’s right! It’s for the Across the Bay 10k!  Did you know you can sign up now, even though registration isn’t actually open at the moment?  Its true!  I’m a race ambassador!  All you have to do, is go to

And enter code: AMBNEIDHARDTR15

There are a limited number of slots, so don’t put it off!  Tell your friends!

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Product Review: Massage Stick Roller by Seek Gains

The Seek Gains Massage Stick Roller, and its slightly diagonal box!So, study after study has shown that massage is one of the best recovery tools after exercise.  It has also been shown in study after study, that spouses seem to be against runners getting near-daily massages from local massage studios.  Many products have been created/marketed to help with this conundrum – from the ever-popular foam roller, to the various forms of massage stick.  I personally own one of the former, and two different types of the latter, and have found them to be a god send.  I must admit to preferring a massages stick to the foam-roller, as using a foam roller is a full-body workout, which is not something I am usually aiming for after a workout.

When Seek Gains reached out to me to ask if I would be willing to do a review of their Massage Stick Roller, I was happy to do so.  Having used two other types – I always enjoy trying to see if the next one will be different and/or better for me!  Now, i want to make sure you understand right off – I made no guarantee of a favorable review, and they did give me the Massage Stick Roller for free, so that I could review it.

So,let’s get to the review,shall we? Read more ›

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Register for the 10k Across the Bay Bridge run now!!!

wpid-wp-1421285085048.pngOne of the best runs that I did with my son last year, was the 10k Across the Bay Annapolis Bay Bridge run!

You can now register for the 10k across the Bay with a $5 discount!  Registration is NOT open yet, unless you use an ambassador code!  This  is especially great, as the wait list entrees will take the first block of “general” registrations, but you can be registered BEFORE that!

To register NOW, you can go to

And enter code: AMBNEIDHARDTR15

There are a limited number of slots, so don’t put it off!

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Winter Blahs…

It hit.. The point in not-yet-spring, where I start finding indoor activities at the house more interesting than working out.

wpid-20150219_100436.jpgTie into that, my complete disdain for exercise videos and a broken treadmill…. Well, the last two weeks were not my most productive exercise-wise.   But, today we start back up.  Had a great gym session with the personal trainer – although my way-to-tight-and sore hip, let me know that if my reason for taking a couple weeks off was for the pain to go away – it didn’t happen..

But, as far as indoor activities go, I did turn my Microsoft Surface Pro in to a Hackintosh running Mac-OS, so it has been a productive week in some ways!


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The Once and Future Runner
Once and Future Runner

2013 Was an amazing year, for me, So I am really looking forward to 2014!

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