Product Review: Massage Stick Roller by Seek Gains

The Seek Gains Massage Stick Roller, and its slightly diagonal box!So, study after study has shown that massage is one of the best recovery tools after exercise.  It has also been shown in study after study, that spouses seem to be against runners getting near-daily massages from local massage studios.  Many products have been created/marketed to help with this conundrum – from the ever-popular foam roller, to the various forms of massage stick.  I personally own one of the former, and two different types of the latter, and have found them to be a god send.  I must admit to preferring a massages stick to the foam-roller, as using a foam roller is a full-body workout, which is not something I am usually aiming for after a workout.

When Seek Gains reached out to me to ask if I would be willing to do a review of their Massage Stick Roller, I was happy to do so.  Having used two other types – I always enjoy trying to see if the next one will be different and/or better for me!  Now, i want to make sure you understand right off – I made no guarantee of a favorable review, and they did give me the Massage Stick Roller for free, so that I could review it.

So,let’s get to the review,shall we? Read more ›

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Register for the 10k Across the Bay Bridge run now!!!

wpid-wp-1421285085048.pngOne of the best runs that I did with my son last year, was the 10k Across the Bay Annapolis Bay Bridge run!

You can now register for the 10k across the Bay with a $5 discount!  Registration is NOT open yet, unless you use an ambassador code!  This  is especially great, as the wait list entrees will take the first block of “general” registrations, but you can be registered BEFORE that!

To register NOW, you can go to

And enter code: AMBNEIDHARDTR15

There are a limited number of slots, so don’t put it off!

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Winter Blahs…

It hit.. The point in not-yet-spring, where I start finding indoor activities at the house more interesting than working out.

wpid-20150219_100436.jpgTie into that, my complete disdain for exercise videos and a broken treadmill…. Well, the last two weeks were not my most productive exercise-wise.   But, today we start back up.  Had a great gym session with the personal trainer – although my way-to-tight-and sore hip, let me know that if my reason for taking a couple weeks off was for the pain to go away – it didn’t happen..

But, as far as indoor activities go, I did turn my Microsoft Surface Pro in to a Hackintosh running Mac-OS, so it has been a productive week in some ways!


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Running to the tunes… On my own…

Yesterday was a balmy 32 degrees (compared to today’s 7 (-17 with windchill factored in) it IS balmy!), seemed like a great time to go run.. Especially since I had missed my planned race.

vdSee that last line?  I hadn’t read that.. And when I checked on friday, I saw the “CAPACITY HAS BEEN REACHED” part.. sigh.  That’s ok.. I can run on my own! Read more ›

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Apparently Weds. is a popular night at the gym!

wpid-20150211_191704.jpgWho woulda thunk it?  Last night, after making the family dinner – I headed to the gym to get my work out on. Normally evenings are a wee bit more populated at the gym, although it has been declining as the Resolution-ers give up. (Which does make me sad.) It seems they got a second wind last night!

As I arrived, EVERY treadmill was full.  ALL of them!! If you look at the picture, it is a loooooooong line of treadmills.  In my entire time at this gym (since last July), I have never been there when there were no  treadmills available!  Luckily, as you can see, I had my cell phone with me so I could

a) Take a picture to post.
b) Do what society does today, and pretend that it isn’t some awkward stand around moment, it’s just that I have something REALLY important to do on my cell phone… That I came to the gym to do… (Boy, society is weird some times..)  Read more ›

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An Icy Tuesday.

Today.. Was icy.  Icy enough that my Tuesday-morning running partner, decided to be smart, and call off the out-door 5 mile run.



Obviously, out of the two of us, Theresa over at Go Believe Conquer - is the smarter  of the two.  This is obvious, because I most likely would have gotten dressed and headed over to the meeting spot if I hadn’t seen her Facebook post above! Read more ›

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The New Me, 2015 Edition.. Getting Organized.

Failure to Plan, is Planning to Fail!

Failure to Plan, is Planning to Fail!

I’ve been working on the me-I-want-to-be this year, and the remarkable thing is that come February, I still am!  This wasn’t a “Resolution,” but more of a realization that I wasn’t where I wanted to be on my 40th birthday – and that this was rapidly approaching. What I was doing, wasn’t going to get me there and I needed to up my game.

Some of the things I want to be on my 40th –

Read more ›

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Weekly Meetup with “Go Believe Conquer.” (and you should go read their blog.)

See how there is light on the horizon in this picture?   There wasn't when we ran!

See how there is light on the horizon in this picture? There wasn’t when we ran!

I was up this morning for my new weekly meetup with Theresa over at Go Believe Conquer. It seems that she suffers from that disease that should be terminal, called being a “Morning Person.”

It seems that someone has invented a 4:30  AM, to be a counterpart exactly 12 hours away from 4:30 PM.   I vaguely remember that from my days in the United States Navy, but I recall 4:30 AM as being a bedtime.  As in the time you go to bed, NOT the time you get out of bed.  I now know, that this 4:30 “AM” can indeed be a time to get up. What a stupid idea.

So begrudgingly, and while hurting my pillow’s feelings I might add, i rolled out of bed at that time – and got dressed to go out and run.  In really cold weather.  Early.  And Cold.  I got out of bed for this?

Surprisingly, my body did continue on the path toward getting ready to run – and even got a cup of coffee going.  I believe that the idea of coffee carried me… Then, since I was all dressed up – it was silly NOT to head out the door to run.  So I did. Read more ›

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#Janathon Wrap-up – January Month in Review…

Ok, Ok…  I admit it.. I may have dropped off the earth as far as the end of Janathon blogging went…. But I did NOT drop off the face of the earth as far as exercising and eating right goes! I think that if one of the three had to give, that I chose right.

Of  course, if the others had been the ones to go.. I wouldn’t have had much to blog about… Which supports me!

An excellent bit of rationalization, if I do say so my self.. Certainly deserving of a happy dance! Heck, I think completing Janathon and a Whole 30 deserve the happy dance as well! Read more ›

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Places to Run in the Baltimore Area

Great list of places to run locally! Some I have run, some I WILL run!

Places to Run in the Baltimore Area.

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The Once and Future Runner
Once and Future Runner

2013 Was an amazing year, for me, So I am really looking forward to 2014!

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