Tired of Fence sitting… Can’t count on anyone to push me off.

Bryce must have been about this size.

Bryce must have been about this size.

Many years ago, I quit smoking. Looking back, its my mindset that is so interesting to me. I wanted to quit, yet I also didn’t want to quit. This fence sitting (with conflicting desires), was what made quitting so difficult, and the idea so unappealing.

I didn’t like the smelling of cigarette smoke. I didn’t like the amount of money I was spending on it. I was worried about future health issues.

I liked the stress relief. I enjoyed the fact that many times a day I had a cigarette and all I thought about at the time – was the cigarette. I liked the feeling of the warm smoke being inhaled. I liked blowing smoke rings. I liked the idea that some of my best ideas came through networking or just thinking, while out in the smoking area. Read more ›

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39th Birthday.

Today is my 39th Birthday.  It has been a day to stop and think about where I have come from, what I have accomplished and where I wish to be.

Up until now, I have not been the most  diligent about sticking to an eating or exercise plan.  In fact, I have been very…. average.  Talking the good talk, but not matching the desires/talk. 

With each passing year, it is going to be more difficult to reach the goals I talk about. I am starting to think that the “now or never” may be a statement of where I am in  life, and I either need to step up, or stop pretending. 

Tomorrow I will be posting my new workout schedule.  It will be combining running and lifting.  I am aiming for this to be the year, that i  get in the best shape of my life.

Its going to be a good year!

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So, I ran my marathon in November and then took the holiday season off.  You know all the extra food that Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years?  Well, the holiday season is NOT the best time to stop running.  Not running… Eating like I’m still running… The holidays…

As you can imagine, I put on some weight.  In fact I put on 12 pounds in a very short time period.  What really let me know how ridiculous my weight has gotten, was an attempt to put on a suit of armor that I fought in back in 2008.  It was too small.  Not only was it to small, but it was a good 8 to 10 inches from being able to be fastened closed.

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Working on family, instead of speed.

I’ve been running fairly regularly again – but with a different focus.  My average 3 mile pace is now around 10:30 to 12, rather than the 8 to 9:30 it was.  No, I’m not injured – I have a new running partner.  I have found that having a running partner helps to get me out of bed in the morning as I know someone is depending on me.  No longer do I lay in bed trying to find the motivation – now I just lay in bed for the 10 minutes between my alarms enjoying the morning.  As soon as the second one goes – I am UP!  I know I have to meet my running partner promptly at 5:40.

So, you see, my first alarm goes off at 5:30, then the second at 5:40.   With that, I get up, walk down the hall, and wake up my son.


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Vibram Five Fingers after a break

So this weekend I tossed on my Five Fingers to go run errands in, as I had no clean socks for my Altras.  Now both my Altra and my VFF running shoes are zero drop, so other than the lack of padding, I didn’t expect any real difference.

I can definitely say I walk differently in my VFFs.  The next day, my calf muscle was SORE!  I expected to feel some Plantar Fascia pain/soreness (and didn’t), but the calf pain? THAT was a surprise!



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Couch to 5K

So my wife, the non-runner, has decided to give the Couch to 5k a shot.   I was surprised, but pleased!

Our family has a tendency to be very supportive of each other – so we joined her!  I admit that i did talk her into waiting for us, she had planned on using the treadmill.. I happened to like the idea of a family run in 70 degree weather!

Overall it went pretty well (despite the down-pour that hit us at the end), although she did have the standard wanting to run faster than was probably wise.  She did very well, but did end up with very sore shins.  Some research told her that toe-lifts is one of the best ways to help with that, and the soreness wasn’t enough to dissuade her from wanting to continue it tomorrow!

Go Anne!


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Military and External Motivation

Back in the mid 90’s, I joined the United States Navy.  I was fresh out of high-school, and knew that if I went to college I would be wasting my time.  Looking back, I can see that I had not motivation to go to school AND do well.  In our “aged” wisdom, we can look back and see that many use college as a time to party, as opposed to a time to study, learn and grow (ok – so some do both.. I wouldn’t have.)


Can you find me in the picture?   -Company C024, US NAVY from Oralndo RTC, 1994

I wandered down to my recruiter, talked to him and signed up (to make a long story short.)

I suppose looking back, I could claim I was being wise.. That I knew i wasn’t “motivated” enough to do well in school, and didn’t want to waste my time.  That may even be the reason – I’m not going to try to apply my thoughts NOW to my motivation then.  It seems a lot like cheating. Read more ›

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65 Degrees.. Could spring be here?

Me in my Winter running gear!

Me in my Winter running gear! Not from this year!

Ok, so it was 65 degrees yesterday.  That’s right, 30’s last week – 65 yesterday.

Could it be that spring is peaking its head up?   Could this evil winter finally be moving on out?  Is it that running season is finally here?

Now yes, I know – we can run all through the winter.  (To show my understanding, I have even included a picture of me from years-gone-by  – wearing a fashionable winter running outfit!)
It’s just that THIS year, I didn’t.  I had severe motivational problems.  The snow and dark, just didn’t yell “GO RUN!” to me, so I didn’t.   Now the warm weather and sunshine that is in abundance after work? THAT tells me to go run, and so I did!

Having taken the winter off, I wanted to take it easy.  But with it being gorgeous out – I wanted to run long.  I compromised and did 5 miles, but slowly. I’m sure this is why I am just sore (VERY sore) today, and not in absolute agony!  The first couple of miles, my breathing didn’t want to fall in to where it should be.  I suppose my body had forgotten over the several non-running months.  The uprisings part, is that my breathing started behaving around mile 2!  I figured on a couple of air-less runs before my body remembered!

My body gets to heal a little today, and then up in the AM with the boy and running!  Not too many days left until the Cherry Blossom Festival!

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Upper Body Work out!

ImageSo you thought the last post was going to be a one shot and gone? 

Nah, you are stuck with me for a while now.  I do promise you that you will get some nice short posts from me too!  Wouldn’t want them all to be long and boring, some should be short and boring!

Today was an upper body workout.  By upper body I mean shoveling some of the heaviest snow of my life from 3 parking spots, and carrying it to where I could pile it.  Half of each shovel was slush!

Just so we are clear, one of the reasons I moved from upstate NY to Maryland – was to get away from shoveling snow!!!!! 

If I am going to be honest though, I am actually a little disappointed that the rains came.  It means a) our snow got really heavy/dense and b) it is going to go away quickly.  If we are going to get hit with close to a foot (ok, 8 inches…) – It would be nice to have it stick around for a while!

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As Bloggers go…

.. I am about as good at keeping up with this, as I am being a regular, full time runner!  Though, to be honest I do blog less than I run!

It is interesting the similarities between running and blogging.  Both take a level of commitment.  Both Blogging and Running can help one develop as an individual, and improve skills.  Both can become habits that are good or bad.

Janathon had me start up with my running again, but I got sidetracked… again.

I read several bloggers, such as Detroit Runner, FueledbyLOLz, and Discom-bob-ulated Running, that post almost every single day.  I don’t think it is any coincidence that these folks also workout/run everyday.  The level of dedication that is there – shines through in both.  (I don’t think its a coincidence that these dedicated folks are significantly faster than I am either!  I think that dedication ties in there too!) I have to admit, it is one of the reasons I enjoy reading their blogs.  That commitment is impressive in SO many ways, and the fact that it obviously ties in to multiple aspects of their life just makes it even more impressive.  (The fact I have won contests from Detroit Runner’s blog is just a bonus! :)   )

I also have to a pause and say if you DON’T read those blogs.. You should go check them out!

Unfortunately, I don’t have the dedication that the previous three bloggers do.  Now, I do realize that this doesn’t have to be a permanent statement.  Willpower is, if you will allow an analogy, just like any muscle, It grows stronger with more use.  Its not just this not-so-dedicated blogger saying so, you can read about it on NPR and Forbes! In fact, a quick google search will show you lists of ways you can “improve your willpower muscle.”

Just a rambling post to mention.. I’m back.. Again. :)

The irony being that you need to have the willpower/dedication – to do the “exercises” to build your willpower/dedication.



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The Once and Future Runner
Once and Future Runner

2013 Was an amazing year, for me, So I am really looking forward to 2014!

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